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Perry's Photography

Perry offers Photo's for sale through Roanoke Merchandise.  He  displays his work in Art Shows around the NE Indiana area.

Stop by our storage shop 135 Main Street, Roanoke, IN.  We are open by chance but will gladly walk down and unlock the door just call us at 260.615.1196.

As you can see by the photos we have lots of neat photos waiting on the next Art Fair.  Come on by and take a look.   If not we will see you at a Fair near you.

Shows we will be participating in during 2015

  • Covington Art Fair    June  27-28
  • An Evening in the Park, Marion Indiana Jul 17
  • Columbia City Art Fair, September 6
  • Roanoke Renaissance October 11
  • Our shop will be open during most Farmers Market Days from 9 - Noon

We will add more as we are accepted.